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About Us

At a Glance

StrikConsulting is a private company, based in Sarajevo, providing full service consultancy primarily for organisations operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the SEE region.  Fast-paced and entrepreneurial to the core, StrikConsulting conducts business at the highest level of professional and technical excellence in order to protect business interests of its clients and obtain a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

StrikConsulting provides advice and delivers innovative solutions in the following two main areas - change management and operational improvement and capabilities building with particular focus on restructuring, and benchmarking analysis for SME's. In the last years StrikConsulting has expanded its services around providing consulting services in energy efficiency and renewable energy issues.

StrikConsulting prides it selves on employing and building individuals who will assure that its clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage and secure lasting results.

Basic facts about StrikConsulting:

Founded in: October, 2005
Leadership: DI Fuad Strik
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Clients: Over 50 within the region
Major business areas:  Change management and innovation
                                     Benchmarking for SME's
                                     Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Present Focus

In coherence with its social responsibility and its mission StrikConsulting has the intention to generate the process of faster development in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. With focusing on energy efficiency projects StrikConsulting aims to highlight the absolute necessity of national, as well as international companies, to be aware of this issue and be able to implement best practices of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Consequently, and with the aim to promote rational usage of energy and renewable energy sources, StrikConsulting has formed a special department - SC Energy and acted as co-founder of Center for Education and Raising Awareness of Energy Efficiency – Energis (


StrikConsulting's mission is to deliver superior value to our clients and thus make an impact in supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina's and regional economic development, StrikConsulting is assisting organizations to improve their institutional capacity in the EU accession process and designing projects for local SME’s to improve their operational efficiency, competences and competitiveness.

The goal of StrikConsulting is to be an approachable company, recognized by its clients as a reliable partner which, at the same time, acts in accordance with social responsibility and seeks to change the Bosnian and Herzegovinian business environment for better.