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Benchmarking analysis for SME's

Since May 2011 StrikConsulting is one of the first licensed consulting companies for providing benchmarking analysis within the first Benchmarking system for small and medium enterprises (SME) in the Balkans.

The benchmarking system for SME’s in Bosnia and Herzegovina is part of the international Benchmarking system, developed by the biggest science institute in Europe, Fraunhofer from Berlin, and has already been successfully implemented in 20 countries in Europe and the world.

The system represents a unique and effective way of comparing business performances of companies with local and foreign competitors. It is fuelled by a database of over 100,000 companies’ current performance indicators. The system uses the Balanced Scorecard methodology which focusing on the fields of finance, internal processes, growth, innovation and customer satisfaction. In order to assure a correct benchmarking analysis the system has additionally been adjusted to local languages and financially harmonised.

Businesses firstly understanding their own performance and then being able to compare this against local and international performance standards are both essential to understand where they need to improve to compete effectively.

This simple, powerful benchmarking tool using a powerful range of comparison criteria offers an unrivalled view of your business’ strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other local and international companies and is a proven way to help improve business performance and competitiveness.

*Benchmarking Index, Reg.Trade Mark – Vinning Moves, UK

** Benchmarking Index BiH, Licenca: LESPnet