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Scope of Services


In coherence with the Founder’s intention, StrikConsulting has, since its beginnings, always been strategically focused on the implementation of projects which will have a continual and positive impact on the overall development of the country. Long-lasting experience, gained within the management team of one of the world’s major multinational companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, have influenced the consulting expertise towards supporting growth and strengthening of micro, small and medium enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Improvement of business environment

As one of the leading consulting companies in BiH, with in-depth knowledge of local and regional environment and a  large network of local experts; StrikConsulting is willing to support partnering international consulting companies and organizations as well as able to implement projects focused on straightening and supporting SME’s in the fields of: 

• Assisting and conducting research and data collection process prior to large projects tendering 
• Partnering in the bidding process for international donors projects
• Providing experts for the long term framework contracts
• Implementing projects of institutional development and capacity building

StrikConsulting is a competent partner in all stages of project development from current stage analysis, definition of potential improvement measures to final project implementation and evaluation of implementation success. Moreover, StrikConsulting is also a relevant partner to all international consulting companies and organizations providing support in final project implementation or consulting services for potential local partners for long-lasting framework agreements.

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