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SC Energy

With the aim to provide a wide range of solutions to address the key global trend of climate change mitigation StrikConsulting has formed the SC Energy division and has focused its services towards a wide range of aspects of "green economy" in the effort to reduce the ecological, economic and social impact of energy consumption and production.

Such a change is not only in line with the corporate responsibility and the mission of the company but will strongly contribute to the economic progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In comparison to developed EU countries, BiH has a significant delay in the implementation of the best practices of energy efficiency.

StrikConsulting provides a wide range of technical assistance in the field of energy efficiency improvement projects with the primary goal to contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and intends to continually develop its skills and resources related to implementation of policies and strategies designed to bring environmental protection problems under control.

The pool of external experts will provide expertise or support in all segments of development and management of renewable energy investment projects.  In addition, StrikConsulting offers services in the forthcoming development of electricity energy trading at the open market.

We support our clients in:

• Energy Efficiency Improvement Assessments
• Development of Energy Efficiency Projects
• Provide feasibility studies and technical and economic analysis
• Energy Audits in the Industrial and Residential Sectors 
• Renewable Energy Sources - Integrated Energy Design 
• Management of Energy Investments Projects
• Electricity Energy Trading