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Development of an appropriate strategy to excel in today’s competitive environment requires the highest level of analytical rigor. StrikConsulting is passionate about delivering the sustainable success that our clients desire.

In that sense, StrikConsulting strives to actively combine experience and knowledge with innovative approaches in order to achieve continuous perfection in delivering results that go beyond and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic and enduring.

Ideas that generate growth

It relies on the kind of innovation that grows in a workplace culture where employees feel valued, vested and inspired.

StrikConsulting implements projects using a fact-based analysis, focused on finding executable solutions. We work with clients to develop fresh ideas and introduce innovations and constantly encourage creativity and critical thinking in order to provide solutions which are custom-designed and tailored to clients’ specific needs which ensure their competitive advantage.

Adding value to clients

StrikConsulting has a clear track record of delivering significant and measurable value to its clients.  StrikConsulting has helped its clients to strengthen their market positions, improve competitiveness and generate new demand. Additionally, the company adds value through its expertise in change management, benchmarking analysis and in the deployment of new, energy efficient business solutions.

In order to optimise the structure and experience of project team, StrikConsulting continually expands its network of experts, who are engaged on a project basis. Additionally, StrikConsulting is recognized as a professional, competent and reliable partner to national and international companies implementing projects within the region.