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In order to optimise the structure and experience of the project team and ensure highest level of quality, StrikConsulting continually expands its network of external experts of various backgrounds and specialisations. In addition, StrikConsulting strategically aligns itself with leading companies and organisations from relating fields in order to introduce innovations and find executable solutions for each particular project.
We, at StrikConsulting believe that extraordinary ideas come from unusual perspectives whereby alliances such as these allow us to build upon our core competencies and expand our capability to better serve our clients and their visions. Furthermore, these partnerships strengthen our expertise and bring value to both StrikConsulting and our partners.

StrikConsulting hires highly-qualified individuals and companies to support its project activities on a regularly basis. If you are interested in being considered for a future or present short- or long-term project, please register for our Consultant’s database by completing the information below.

We are cooperating with the following companies on a project basis:

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