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StrikConsulting was founded in October 2005, by Fuad Strik, an experienced and recognized business manager. Committed to its core values, StrikConsulting has since evolved, form a start-up consultancy to a professional firm with a reputation for providing problem-solving and unparalleled opportunities for personal growth.

Until now, StrikConsulting has made significant steps towards the improvement of the overall economic market situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which requires additional swiftness and agility, to adapt to changing market conditions. Special focus has been put on a wide range of successfully implemented projects in the field of development of the wood sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2008, StrikConsulting created and implemented first cluster orientated web portal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aimed for adequate international presentation of the country’s wood industry potential for export.

In coherence with the company’s mission and professional orientation of StrikConsulting’s consultants, since 2010, StrikConsulting has focused a part of its activities towards the implementation of energy efficiency solutions and foster development of renewable energy sources.

Since 2011 StrikConsulting is certified for providing benchmarking analysis within the first Benchmarking System for SMEs in SEE. The simple, powerful benchmarking tool, using a powerful range of comparison criteria, offers an unrivalled view of SME’s business’ strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other local and international companies and is a proven way to help improve business performance and competitiveness.

Focusing permanently on the clients’ satisfaction, StrikConsulting builds additional value by efficiently and consistently ensuring the client’s high operating results whereby wishing to be an ethical and reliable business partner in the decision-making process of its clients and partners. This is achieved by using relevant and accurate data and engaging local and international experts recognized in their areas of specialization.